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Creative writing refers to any form of writing for creative purposes, whether it is fiction, poetry or nonfiction writing with the aim of expressing your belief, emotions or feelings. Crafting original works such as these require a lot of time, practice and patience on the part of a writer. With no exact framework to follow when crafting creative writing works, the below tips can help you succeed.

Write what you know

When composing creative work, one goes through confusion and experiences challenges when determining what to write. The advice,” write what you know,” is one commonly passed in such situations. However cliched it may sound, it is the best advice you can receive when composing creative works. Utilize locations, characters, background, and verbal communication that are familiar to you and use all these perspectives when creating new stories about the world. Similarly, ensure you use the research materials you know and are sure of as this makes your process interesting and valid.

Draft your work based on what you do not know.

While what you know makes the best source of a story, what you do not know may be useful as well. Utilize your imagination and come up with new perspectives, characters, relationships, and new worlds and make them the foundation of your writing. A person’s imagination is essential and helpful when creating creative works, as it will help you identify and fill in gaps in research by you composing an interesting composition.

Adopt the habit of compulsive reading

The best writer is the one who spends most of their time reading other experts’ work. Familiarize yourself with a wide array of the published materials. Start with your genre of interest; proceed outside your style of writing and everywhere else there is creative work, for instance, thrillers, short stories, poems or fantasy among others. Nothing encourages you to become good at writing as continuous reading, as the more you read, the more you learn how to perfect your skill and how to express what you want to say.

Be consistent in writing

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” To become a good writer like any from the service available here, you have to work at it. Ensure you practice your writing by setting aside some time each day and compose a small composition, blog or article of a hundred words or more. In this way, you keep your hands and mind active towards writing, and you develop the love, interest, and skills that will make you a better writer.

Capture the attention of your reader.

Despite what you write, you need to hook the reader from the start. Nobody is forced to read any book, story or essay. Thus, it is crucial to make your work enticing enough to make the reader want to read on and discover what you are discussing. Ensure your opening sentence in the first paragraph makes the reader laugh, evokes their curiosity or makes them want to know what comes next.


Most creative writers feel that experimenting to discover what works best and entice you to come up with interesting creative work is a difficult task that requires a lot of effort. However, by concentrating on what you know, what you do not know, reading widely, hooking your reader and applying consistency in your writing, you will create a creative work of your dreams. So go ahead and put them to practice!

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